Monday, April 13, 2009

Extra Large, Super Size?

The other day I saw a man in 7-11 with one of those refillable drink containers. Now, that in itself wasn't unusual, however the sheer size of said container completely blew my mind. I think the biggest pop I've ever seen was 64 ounces, but this guy was carting around over 100 ounces of soda. Um, what? Let's break it down here. Now, anyone who's met me knows I worship pop (read: Diet Pepsi) in a completely unhealthy way and probably have it pumping through my veins in the place of blood, but even I would draw the line at 100 ounces. Does he have time to do anything other than visit the restroom every five seconds? Where does one put 100 ounces? And why would you want to? I'm still completely perplexed by the size of that container. Plus, wouldn't it be so heavy? It'd need its own seat in the car!

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