Friday, December 21, 2018

So Spoiled!!!

As my Love Language is gifts, I love the holidays and being able to give everyone gifts. Of course, they're also fun to receive. 
My girl Ginny knocked it out of the park with this flamingo towel and two adorable sea themed ornaments.
My girl Angie sent me a Hello Kitty Magic 8 Ball and a scale (I asked for the scale lest you think it's a weird gift). 
My girl Rachelle sent a beautiful flamgingo quilt.
My friend Steve at work gave me this beautiful Hello Kitty wine bottle.
Including the wine, of course!
Another co-worker gave me this paint called "Pinkest Pink."
My girl Crusty sent me a stocking filled with goodies!
Like these cute socks.
And this treasure trove of fun stuff! Thanks everyone!

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