Wednesday, December 26, 2018

My Boys!!!!

Christmas came early for me last weekend as I received the best surprise ever from my Sundance friends! 
While I knew Jared was in town visiting, I had no idea he'd gotten the gang together to hang out.
He'd been texting us to come meet them at the Dresden and with all our packing and needing to get on the road, I almost said no. I'm SO happy I didn't!
Keith ended up staying home to wrap and pack and I went out to see Jared...only to be surprised with boy Shaunie and Pants (and a few wives, as well). 
I'm not even sure the last time I saw Pants, let alone our group all together. It was bliss.
Instantly, we were all laughing and having fun, as though no time had passed.
I love these guys!
Both Suz and Chelsea came out to visit Sundance when they were just dating the guys - fun to see them all married and happy now.
Shaunie's shirt cracked me up!
The gang's all here!
Such a fun night! Yay for amazing surprises!

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