Thursday, March 8, 2018

Try This: Tender Greens

So, it's no secret that I'm a pretty picky eater. While it's true I've been branching out and trying some new things, in general I stick to things I know. For years, my friends at work have been trying to get me to eat at Tender Greens, but I adamantly refused, thinking it was some health food joint or vegan restaurant. Boy, was I wrong.
After a long time trying to talk me into it, I finally caved and tried Tender Greens. By the end of my meal, I was totally eating crow and apologizing for not trying it sooner. Bottom line: Tender Greens is DELICIOUS!!!!
It's also not vegan or vegetarian. I mean, sure, they offer healthy options, but they still serve meat. When you get to the counter, you can select your entree, a salad, and a side. I've been going with the tri-tip steak with a Caesar salad and mashed potatoes. Delightful!
Last night Keith had the salt and pepper chicken and it was so flavorful! We were in heaven. Will definitely add this as a new place to check out! Yum!

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