Thursday, March 8, 2018

New Jersey Horror Con - Part Three

One of the coolest parts about being at the New Jersey Horror Con was the amount of fans who brought in really unique stuff for Keith to sign. Some of these things he'd never even been asked to sign before!
Of course, I always love when people bring this in. It's not the first time, but it always makes me smile.
So cute!
Pretty sure this was the first time anyone had brought in Downhill Willie to be signed.
I had to document it!
Keith re-enacting his scene in Knight Rider.
We both totally loved this poster and think we should get it for our table.
So cool!
I can't believe someone brought in this headshot. Keith was such a little baby in it!
Under the Boardwalk!!! Wow!
 Huge props to this guy who drove something like 15 hours from Kentucky.
Someone even brought in a Tales from the Crypt! So neat.

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