Saturday, March 10, 2018

New Jersey Horror Con - Part Four

Please note that this portion of the con wrap up could also be called, "Cons are better with friends" because we had a bunch of friends at this show!
We'd met Cara back at Chiller when we got engaged in 2013. She even made me something blue that I wore at our wedding! 
So fun seeing her again!
Of course our faves Nicole squared were there.
Always awesome to see them.
Tammy Lauren is a long time friend of Keith's and we had her crash this picture with the girls.
The dinner crew! One the first night, we had dinner with this motley crew....
On the second night, we had dinner with these two (same amazing restaurant that we could walk to).
Jen is our publicist who moved to New Jersey to have baby Rosa and she brought her to meet us.
We gifted them with some fun stuff and she made a collage about it!
So fun seeing everyone!

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