Sunday, March 11, 2018

New Jersey Horror Con - Part Five (Final)

For my last post about the New Jersey Horror Con (which was so much fun), I'm sharing a few random pictures...
One of the vendors kept bringing around delicious dark chocolate caramel candies. Who were we to say no?
It's hard to see here, but I was trying to snap a pic of a cosplay Jack Sparrow Ghostbuster. It made me laugh.
Joe Dirt!
Hey! Who does this guy think he is? He also had a dog in a backpack...a real dog.
Not sure why he had a shark coming out of his chest, but....
This girl was a fan! It was so cute. She came up to the table and was like, "Are you Pinky?" and I said yes. Then she said how nervous she was to meet me. Me of all people! I'm like, "There's nothing to be nervous about!" She was adorable.
I loved watching Keith turn into a huge fanboy while talking to animator Bob Camp. He's adorable.
Handsome John Pruitt lives!

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