Friday, April 7, 2017

The Night Of FYC Event

Last night we attended the FYC for the HBO limited series The Night Of.
While we didn't watch it when it came out, we did make sure to tape it because we knew we were going to want to binge it one day. I'm SO glad we did!
Unlike most FYC events, instead of the typical screening of one episode, they showed a ten-minute clip of the entire series. After the first minute in, I wanted to go home and binge watch the entire thing. It looks incredible. Also, I've always loved John Turturro and being that close to him filled me with glee.
At the amazing reception (such great food!!!), they handed out these cute mugs that were basically an advertisement for John's legal firm on the show.
Keith took this shot of the event going on. I love it. Such a great picture.

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