Saturday, April 15, 2017

Lunch with Megan

A few weeks ago, I told you about my best friend growing up named Michelle. While it's true that Mich was my BFF from about second grade on, what you didn't hear about was my first bestie, Megan. Before my family moved out to where Michelle lived, I used to live a lot closer to Megan (distance is pretty much everything when you're a child and have no way to get around). 
In this picture, Megan is front and center with the beautiful red hair and I'm sitting under the candy cane to her right.
See Megan in this pic? I'm on her right again.
This was our first grade picture. I'm next to the teacher and Megan is behind me, but over a few to the left.
This ghastly picture was taken a million years ago at a wedding. Growing up, Megan lived a few blocks away from me. I remember spending the night with her almost every Friday and we would have pepperoni pizza and watch The Dukes of Hazard. I went to Disneyland with her for the first time, she introduced me to the Go-Go's, and she was basically my first ride or die. We did a pretty good job of staying in touch growing up, but eventually drifted off more than I would have liked.
These days, she literally works a few miles away from me and we've been saying we'd do lunch forever. We finally did! Earlier this week we met over in Burbank and had so much fun catching up. Hoping this becomes more of a regular thing - love this girl!

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