Thursday, April 20, 2017

Pinky's Fandance Redux - Katy Mixon

It's no secret that my love for Katy Mixon is deep and true. She consistently cracks me up on American Housewife every week and her kindness is second to none. She's the real deal and I can't believe we're not already BFFs.
I didn't think I'd met her, so I spent hours at a talk show waiting for her one day. While I loved meeting her then and the entire experience, it was a bit frustrating to be going through old pictures to discover that lo and behold, we'd already met. 
I mean, come on. It's a great picture, but I couldn't tell you where we were at all. I just remember her being as sweet and lovely as always. 
At the American Housewife FYC event, she was the sweetest ever! When she saw me, she gave me a little hug and was like, "So nice to see you again, honey!" See, I knew it, secret BFFs. She's having a baby boy next month and I promised her I'd make her a blanket. Just like a BFF! :)

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