Sunday, April 9, 2017

Pinky's Fandance - Rachel Bloom

While it's true I've already taken several pictures with Rachel Bloom, there can never be enough.
What do I love about her? Aside from everything? I love that she's ridiculously talented. I love that she put together this brilliantly funny show that we adore (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend). I love that she's not afraid to show herself look absolutely wrecked on TV for a laugh. I love that she writes hilarious songs for her show and is super complimentary to her co-writing team. I love how proud she is of her co-stars and how much she roots for them to succeed, as well. 
Oh, and I love that whenever she sees me, she says, "Nice to see you again." I could DIE! Um, I apologize for that extreme reaction. Rachel is really really really really really (have I mentioned really?) cool to fans. A+ all around.

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