Friday, March 24, 2017

Celebration of Life

Yesterday we attended a beautiful Celebration of Life for my Tony who was a victim of senseless violence in my hometown a few weeks ago.
He was such a special person and hundreds gathered together to say goodbye. I saw so many familiar faces and good friends. It was great to see everyone, I just wish it had been for a better reason.
These are the Dodds - they used to teach me in church.
This is my friend Jim - he took me to the Sweetheart dance.
Marsha and I were besties when we were little.
Marsha and Ashkan - he lived behind us and was practically one of my brothers.
Just a few of my favorite girls (and Greg, who's married to Sam, the girl next to him). Also, let's pretend I didn't fall asleep in the middle of this picture.
Stacy! My favorite.
I've known Charlie since Junior High.
Paul and Shreei are married now, which is crazy to me because I went to kindergarten with Paul, but then older classes with Shreei at a different school.
Ashkan and Greg who used to be at our house a lot because his brothers both babysat us.
Jason - still as handsome as ever. He has a winery in Napa - now that must be some legit wine.
Stacy and Paula - some of my nearest and dearest from back in the day. In 7th grade, people thought me and Paula were twins because we had similar hairstyles are our eyes are similar. Loved seeing everyone despite it being a looong day.

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