Thursday, March 30, 2017

Viral Shampoo for the Win!

So, I'm not sure if I'd told you yet, but after way too much breakage, I've decided to stop coloring my hair. That is, having Keith bleach it and then color it - not only does that make Keith miserable, but it's also stressful and the bleach isn't great on my hair in the long run.
Still, the blonde was pretty boring. And I'm growing out my roots, which is going to cause me all kinds of stress and I'm going to want to cover them up every chance I get. While I'm still sticking to the no dyeing rule, I recently discovered something wonderful - Viral hair shampoo!
I tried the hot pink color last night and after one shampoo, this is how it came out. So cool! So easy! I've gotta try the light pink next - I love it! Now I can have the best of both worlds. Wahoo!

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