Monday, August 18, 2014

Dude, Where's My Car?

It's no secret that I despise going into downtown LA. In fact, there are very few events that attract me to that horrible, awful place. But, the Emmys are an event that I can usually make an exception for.
The Creative Arts Emmys were held on Saturday and I made my way downtown. After getting lost (per usual) off the freeway, I ended up in a $5 parking lot not too far away from LA Live. I thought I could find my way back. I thought I knew where I'd parked. I was wrong.
After almost two hours of walking around downton in my new shoes with heels, I was hot, tired, hysterically crying, and without hope. My brave husband was about to jump on a bus, but luckily our friend Andre gave him a ride and the three of us spent another few hours in the car trying to find where I'd parked. Thank goodness for heroes like Andre and Keith because I honestly NEVER would have found it. The picture above shows the blister on my foot from all the walking around. My legs still hurt. Ugh. Huge thanks to Keith and Andre for saving me. If they hadn't come, I would still be walking around downtown, probably cut up into bits and thrown into a dumpster...

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