Thursday, August 28, 2014

Ring Candles - My New Favorite Thing

Friends, I have a new obsession and they're called Ring Candles. Several different companies make them, but they all have one thing in common - there's a hidden ring inside (which can cost anywhere from $10 to $5,000!). It's like Cracker Jacks for adults!!! 
I was first exposed to them when my dear friend Angie got me one for my birthday - in fact, the candle on the far left (the "I Love My Friend" candle) is from her. But last weekend we got THREE more at the gifting suite and suddenly I became obsessed with getting the rings out of them.
The candle on the far right - Sugar Me Pink - is from Cracker Jack Candles ( and revealed the double heart ring above. The orange candle is from Bella Candles ( and revealed the shiny heart ring above.
Last night I found two more!!! My "Friend" candle from Angie (which was from the "original" Ring Candles makers, Diamond Candles, revealed the amazing pinkish/purple ring above and the last candle, the green one, revealed the orange ring above (it was also from Bella Candles). Love these SO much and all of the rings are so fun to find! How do I order a million more???

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Kristi B said...

With your new found love for hese candles, you should check out two groups on FB. One is called Luck Be With You and the other is Trisha's Candle Group. Each of the ladies that runs the group sells a few different jewelry candles (crackerjack and lucky girl are 2 that I can think of off of the top of my head). They do the occasional giveaway, but more frequently, they sell numbers (i.e.) numbers 1-60 $1 per number, 2 winners. You pick whichever numbers you want (that haven't already been picked) and then pay for them via PayPal. Then they do a random (filmed) drawing for the winner(s). I recently Joined both groups and i like the ladies in both groups. It's fun and you can continue your new addiction!!!