Thursday, February 13, 2014

This Touched My Heart

There's an article on today regarding a sweet little 10-year-old boy named Colin.
As the article states, "According to his mother, Jennifer, Colin has a sensory processing disorder similar to Asperger's syndrome and "eats lunch in the office every day because no one will let him sit with them." When it came time for his mom to plan his 11th birthday party, Colin told her not to bother; he had no one to invite."  
To help surprise him for his birthday, she's set up a Facebook page which has generated a ton of likes so far. She's also set up a PO Box in order for people to be able to send him birthday cards.  
Here is his mom holding up some of the cards she's received so far. You can read the entire article here:

By the end of this article, I was tearing up. Look at his sweet little face. You better believe we're going to send him a birthday card! You should, too! Send it to: 
PO Box 756
Richland, MI  49083-0756

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Gaynor Paynter said...

Aw!! well we will send him one too, all the way from South Africa.