Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Candy Crush Owns My Soul

This morning I said to Keith, "OK, fine. I *might* have a little problem with Candy Crush." Of course, by a little problem, I mean I'm completely and totally obsessed.
As I have insomnia AND a Candy Crush addiction, I've obviously been staying up way too late playing this stupid (and by stupid I mean, I love you forever, Candy Crush, and will never leave you) game. Luckily my husband is also obsessed, so we can hang out lying next to each other while we both play the game on our phones. I know, you're jealous. We're the most romantic couple ever.
This phrase may or may not be heard coming out of my mouth on the regular.
And this one.
This pretty much sums up my dreams...and what I see when I close my eyes.
Oh, yeah. To make it worse, when I'm not actually playing the game, I'm researching ways to beat the level. Don't judge me. I've got a problem.
Current level: 472. Again, I told you, I've got a problem.
This should just be my motto Every. Single. Day. Sigh.

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