Thursday, February 27, 2014

Rent This: Nebraska

When I first saw the ads for Nebraska, I didn't really think it looked all that interesting. The story seemed slow, I wasn't sure about the black and white, and it kind of looked boring.
Truth be told, the story is slow. Extremely slow. But the pace actually kind of fits the whole thing nicely. And the black and white turned out to be a perfect choice.
Bruce Dern is great in this - here's pretty much how he looks the entire film.
June Squibb is my new favorite person. She's so fun and sarcastic! My fave things.
Will Forte does a great job playing their son in the film. I really enjoyed him in this role.
Still, June had the best line of the movie when she told all the family vultures off.
If you get a chance to rent it, check out the sweet little film, Nebraska. It's available at Redbox now.

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