Sunday, September 30, 2012

Blast From The Past

The strangest thing happened last night at The Go-Go's concert. I was sitting there near the end of the concert and noticed a guy in the section over kind of staring at me. At first I thought it was odd until I looked closer and thought he looked rather familiar.
In fact, he looked exactly like my dear friend, Curtis, who lived in LA during the time I took my acting classes there when I was 12 and was related to the family we stayed with.
Now, during that summer, Curtis was the coolest thing on earth to me. There was nothing greater, or hotter, in my opinion. He was older, lived in LA, and had really cool blonde spikey hair. He WAS the '80s to me - loved all the best music, had the greatest friends, and was just the best thing on earth.
So it shouldn't have surprised me that he was at an '80s show last night rocking out next to our garden box seats at the Hollywood Bowl. I haven't seen him in at least 20 years despite the fact that we're friends on Facebook. SO fun to see him! I just wish we could've hung out longer....

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