Monday, May 18, 2009

Just Let Me Walk in Peace

The time: Late afternoon, Monday
The place: My beloved Liberty Park (home of my flamingos)
The scene: There I was, power walking around the park, when lo and behold a skeevy, possible crack smoker (sorry, but it's true) walks up next to me and starts a conversation.
Skeevy the Crack Smoker: How's your exercise routine?
Pinky the Power Walker (wearing headphones and listening to music, btw): Um, fine.
Skeevy the Crack Smoker: That's quite a brisk pace you're keeping.
Pinky the Power Walker: Thanks.
Skeevy the Crack Smoker: When will you start jogging? I talked to you before, right?
Pinky the Power Walker: I don't jog, I walk. No, I don't believe so.
Skeevy the Crack Smoker: Oh? No jogging? Weren't you just getting out of the hospital? We talked about your health issues?
Pinky the Power Walker: Nope, wasn't me. Sorry.
And, scene.
Wow, talk about an unwelcome and awkward conversation. Why would someone talk to a person who's walking, listening to music, and obviously otherwise engaged? So weird. Poor Cracky.

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Tracie said...

Ewww. Why I never walk in parks alone anymore...