Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bitter, Thy Name is Pinky

So, I went out for drinks with someone the other day. Not a big deal (although it was exciting that we didn't meet online - it was an actual face-to-face meeting and natural progression. Who knew that still worked?). The thing is, I'm not a nice person anymore. I am bitter. I don't believe anything anyone says, nor do I feel like wasting my time on their b.s. Plus, I don't really want to go out with anyone right now - I hate everyone. Men, especially. I'd really just prefer to curl up in my little cocoon and tune out the world until my little pink heart feels better (which at this rate will be never). I realize there are people (read: one person) out there who think I'm being dramatic and that I should get over it (and to him I say stop reading my blog then and leave me alone). But, I have a feeling I'm going to be sad forever. None of my normal remedies are helping. I haven't felt like this in I don't even know how long. The last time I was this heartbroken was high school - and my heart was much more resilient then. Now I fear I'll never feel better. OK, yes. That WAS dramatic. So sue me.

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plainoldsarah said...

is it bad that part of me enjoys reading your drama? maybe it helps me get a bit more perspective on my own. anyway, i'm sorry about the broken heart. sometimes i think they're like a virus: "there is no cure, it just has to run its course."