Saturday, May 9, 2009

Jamie Kennedy Stole My Soul

I went to see Jamie Kennedy perform at a local comedy club Friday night with my friends Hiba and Heidi. As you'll recall, Hiba and Heidi are my stargazing friends and the three of us can conquer celeb pics the world over. So, imagine our surprise to learn that in order to get a picture with Jamie Kennedy and his girlfriend (Jennifer Love Hewitt) we were asked to purchase merchandise first (after already buying tickets to the show). Um, OK. As we'd snuck in the lobby before the show (and the items were being sold to the patrons of the first show), I think we were way too frazzled to realize we were being ripped off. Basically we just wanted our pictures and to not get in trouble for sneaking in early, so we forked over our precious cash (and maybe just a teeny tiny bit of our souls). Still, we did get our pictures and the show was a blast - especially the opener, Bill Dawes. Can you say yum? Here's a picture of us holding up our begrudgingly purchased goods.

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