Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Saturday at the Soccer Fields

We spent most of Saturday in Aliso Viejo at the soccer fields to watch my niece and nephews play their games. Between them they had four soccer games and one flag football game!
Aside from just seeing everyone, our main goal was to give Owen his belated Fortnite birthday gifts in person. I just knew he was going to love them, so I wanted to see his face when we gave it to him.
He loved it!
It was really fun watching Andrew play officially for the first time. He scored ten goals!
Ava Lou did great in her game and scored, as well!
I finally remembered to bring the activity book I had signed for them in Denver.
Love it!
This is Owen and his BFF as they sit out a quarter. I thought it was a sweet picture.
O showing off his book.
Ava and Vauri.
My brother loves being on a soccer field. He's been like that since he was younger than Andrew.
My brother, Jay! Needless to say, we were exhausted after all the games, but I'm really glad we were able to go.

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