Friday, October 12, 2018

Disney Day

On Monday we headed down to the park to help get my friend Toni's daughter in. As we were already there, we figured we'd take the day and check out the festive Halloween decorations.
What we didn't factor into the plans was that it was Columbus Day and therefore really really really really really busy. Did I say really?
Cheese! First stop: Obligatory pose.
Still, we always manage to have a good time. We love sharing a Monte Cristo at Cafe Orleans. It's our thing.
Can you imagine us wearing these shirts?!?! LOL.
My husband is so patient waiting for a refill. I'm not as patient.
I think this picture turned out super cute.
This guy is obviously looking for some sort of fight, right?
I love how the characters dressed up for the holiday. Cracked me up!
The Headless Horseman! Eek!

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