Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Salt Lake FanX18 - Day One

Angie and I were so lost when we first got into the convention center. As Keith and I were escorted everywhere last year, we were SO lucky!
Luckily we immediately ran into some fans/friends we'd met last year and they helped us navigate our way around. We'd literally still be lost without them!
This fanny pack made me smile.
I love families who cosplay together!
So cute.
This saved our life midway through the day.
Steampunk Wizard of Oz? I think they're missing a few members of their crew...
Had these made at the show for me and Keith - love them!
These are quite possibly the ugliest shoes I've ever seen.
I thought I was so clever with my red roses...and then saw things like this. #FAIL
Ran into my friend Mike who snapped this picture. Thought his caption was hysterical.

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