Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Sweetbitter / Vida Event

Last week we had the opportunity to attend an event for two new shows that just premiered on Starz - Sweetbitter and Vida.
Going into the event we had no idea how the shows would be, but we'd enjoyed the trailers we'd seen.
We ended up being blown away by both shows - great additions to the Starz lineup! Sweetbitter is about a girl who moves to New York and begins waitressing in an upscale restaurant. The lead girl is mesmerizing to watch and the ensemble is great.
I'm not even sure which one I liked more. They're completely different, yet both amazing.
Here's Keith making his pick (meaning he loves them both). 
Vida is about two sisters who move back home after their mom passes away - and their cast is incredible, as well.
Both totally different feels, but great shows.
The Q&As were lively, as well!
This was us in the audience. Great time!

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