Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Pinky's Fandance - Benedict Cumberbatch

So, do you remember me telling you about the less-than-stellar Patrick Melrose event last month in which Benedict walked around the outskirts of the party waving to everyone, but not actually really interacting? Well, guess what? I happened to get next to him and asked him for a picture. While he ignored the camera I was holding up, he pointed to a random photographer standing nearby and said, "He can take it!" and posed. Um, OK. The problem with that was despite my giving the photographer my email address, he never sent me the picture. Grrr.
That is, until I spotted said photographer at the This Is Us FYC event last night. I was 99.9% certain it was him, but I still verified it with him just to be sure. He gave me his email, I emailed him last night, and hooray! My picture finally arrived.
Now, I had met Benedict once before, but I had NO idea who he was at the time. He was out and about promoting War Horse and someone said, "You should get a picture with that guy." So, I did. The problem with the picture, however, is that he looks like he wants to murder me. Therefore, I was happy to get another picture with "Doctor Strange" himself where he doesn't look quite so murderous. Hooray for mini miracles!

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