Saturday, May 13, 2017

Early Family Birthday

We had a great time celebrating my birthday a smidge early with my family the other night.
First, went to pick up my mermaid cake from Ralphs, which, unfortunately, got mangled by their staff in some box incident. Thankfully, they ended up giving us the cake for free.
Next, we headed to Outback for a delicious dinner (thanks, Dad!). 
Finally, my sister's family joined us over at my dad's house and we tried to burn the house down with the millions of candles on the cake.
This was a special occasion for sure because normally my niece doesn't take pictures with her auntie. Teenagers are way too cool for that.
See, a birthday miracle!
Little sweetie.
Adorable cutie.
Dad and his girls.
Family photo! Love these folks so much!

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