Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Birthday Fun

We had such a great time at my mom's house this weekend. As most people know, I'm a bit of a birthday freak, so it was fun to be around the person who does birthdays even bigger than I do and taught me everything I know.
And just like every birthday I had growing up, my mom brought me a triangle donut and birthday son first thing in the morning. I loved it!
Then we headed over to Snow Canyon to see the Tuacahn theater. They had a little farmers market thing going on.
Love this shot!
Showing off my birthday button my sister told me to wear all day.
Not crazy about this shot, but I do like the background.
As we've never found a photo op area we didn't want to pose in, of course we had to take advantage of the fun photo places there.
Candid shot!
So cute! 
The theater there was really something to behold. I'll bet shows there are amazing!
So fun! Great idea, Mom!

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