Thursday, February 16, 2017

Pinky's Fandance - Yvonne Orji

This picture makes me really happy because it was one of my "stick to your instincts" pictures. You see, I just happen to love the show Insecure and Yvonne plays the best friend on the show named Molly. However, Yvonne doesn't normally look like this on the show, so I was initially confused how I recognized her.
I kept seeing her at Sundance and finally I was like, "I'm asking her for a picture." My friend thought I was nuts. But every time Yvonne would smile, I'd think, "I KNOW that smile!" Keith was a champ about figuring out who it was - which happened pretty quickly. We found her Instagram and there she was at Sundance, rocking her amazing hair (on the show she has straight hair, which is why I was thrown off). I'm SO happy I asked for the picture! Now I've met two people from the show. Woot woot!

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