Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Try This: Little Caesar's Pretzel Pizza

The other day we somehow found ourselves at Little Caesar's on the way home (whilst craving pizza) and for $5, you really can't pass it up. While we were there we discovered a new offering by the establishment: Pretzel-crust pizza. Initially, we passed it up, thinking the cheese sauce (instead of marinara) might be a bit odd, but last night I got a weird hankering for the crust. We figured even if it was terrible, there'd be a yummy pretzel crust.
Surprisingly, it wasn't terrible. That's not to say we're going to buy this every day of the week, but maybe next time we'll ask if they can make it with the marinara sauce (because the cheese is a bit much). When we asked the cashier how she liked it, her reply was, "It's not that bad." Um, is that how they should be promoting it? Regardless, it's very unique. The crush is delicious. You might love it. For $6, what can you lose?

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