Thursday, October 30, 2014

Anniversary Trip, Day One

Our anniversary trip began with a night's stay up in San Simeon. It was a bit of a longer drive than usual due to an accident closing down Highway One outside of Harmony. We had to drive up to Paso Robles and then come back down near Cambria. Beautiful drive, but we were beat by the time we got to our hotel.
Still, we always have time for a selfie.
We had dinner near our hotel at a place called Manta Ray. We went because the hotel gave us a coupon to use, but it was delicious! And it was here that we first started seeing strange scarecrows outside businesses...
Here's Keith posing with the zebra outside.
And here we are with the scary scarecrows. Prize winners, apparently, as evidenced by the ribbon.
Just so you know, our trip involved a lot of kissing pictures (you've been warned in advance). 

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