Sunday, November 10, 2013

See This: About Time

These days, it takes a REALLY good movie to get me out of the house to see it in a theater - especially during its opening weekend. But as soon as I saw the trailers for the new romantic comedy About Time I knew I had to see it ASAP.
So, despite wanting to stay home and recuperate from our recent adventures, Keith and I ventured out for a date night this weekend and went to see this awesome movie. Keith, of course, had me rolling before we even made it to the theater by telling me he wanted to be sure there was a "meet cute," an airport scene, and some sort of kissing in the rain in the movie.
While I wasn't surprised to discover myself really enjoying it, I was surprised by two things: First, I had no idea it was about time travel (Rachel McAdams has now done TWO time travel movies?!?!). Second, the main redheaded guy, Domnhnall Gleeson, becomes quite hot by the end of the movie. At the beginning I was kind of thinking, "This guy? Really?" but as the movie goes on, you just fall in love with him, with them, and with the movie in general. I highly recommend this film and think you'll really enjoy it, too.

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