Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Rehearsal Dinner / Heidi's Pictures

I get so excited when I see more pics coming in from the wedding. These are especially cool because they're from a different time than we're used to seeing - these focus mainly on the pre-activities - the rehearsal dinner and the pre-wedding stuff.
Me and Phoenix on our way to rehearsal. Love the crowded street.
 Everyone making their way to the beach.
Getting directions from the wedding coordinator.
Sammy entertaining himself.
Beautiful sunset.
Love that dress! Do they make it for adults?
Was Keith trying to get Sammy to run to him?
The older "flower girls" sharing a laugh.
The younger flower girls sporting their finest Hello Kitty attire (glad to see I've influenced lives with my hot pink style). :) LOL.
Windswept Pyper.
Ava and Pyper - so cute!

Nyah, Pyper, and Ava....adorbs!
Is Max really jumping off that lifeguard tower? How did I miss this? :)
Look at all those shoes! :)
The pre-wedding line-up.
Sammy making his grand entrance...SO happy he came!!! Heidels did a great job at wrangling him and bringing him to the beach.
Sammy making his way down the aisle.
The flower girls.
Jimmy mastering the music - playing "Pretty in Pink" as I walked down the aisle (and we can see my nephew, Spenser, in the background NOT doing any music - we originally wanted him to play guitar at the beach...).

Thanks, Heidi, for the great pics! Up next tomorrow? Vauri's adorable pics! Yay!

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