Monday, November 18, 2013

Cutting the Cake

For as much drama as the cake was in the time leading up to the wedding, I have to say that it turned out amazing. 
Kudos to my sister for thinking outside the box and finding someone to make it at the last minute. I couldn't possibly love it more than I did. It was awesome.
Of course, I think the Groom's Cake looked super cute, too! Kudos to Ginster for helping me bake it and to Clarissa for the adorable Groom's Cake sign that she made to look like the Star Wars writing.
Cutting the cake.
From this point on, it's a lot of kissing.
Oh, wait, no kissing.
Oops, I lied. More kissing.
And...more kissing...
Oooh, not kissing! Enjoy a bunch of photo collages.

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