Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Reunited at the Emmys

The other day I was surprised and delighted to run into my old BFF Megan from when we were wee little misses at the Creative Arts Emmys.
Growing up, I learned many, many things with Megan: The importance of The Dukes of Hazard and pizza on Friday nights; how to tee-pee a house; and, best of all, who The Go-Go's were. I distinctly remember where we were sitting in her house the first time we heard the "Vacation" album.
I also think I went to Disneyland with her for the first time. She's on the far left above and I'm on the far right. I don't know what that furry creature was, but why was I wearing a lei?
We were also in Bluebirds together - here we are riding on a parade float in our pajamas. I'm the second in from the right and she's right next to me. Man, we were CUTE!

So fun to see her! :)

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