Monday, September 23, 2013

More Shower Pics

You've seen how cute the shower was here's all the guests! :)
I thought this pic Mikey took was pretty cute.
Best. Gift. Ever.
Our sweat shop hard at work.
Group shot!
All the "fan-addicts!"
Group shot #2!
Me and Keith with our Moms and Step-dads...
The sign behind Keith's head says, "How did I lose you to that guy in Adventures in Babysitting?"
Opening presents!
Photobooth fun!
More photobooth fun!
Even more photobooth fun!
And more photobooth fun!
The sweat shop hard at work.
Once again, the cutest sign ever.
Our gracious hosts, Gregg and Liz. On a related note, I saw them both on the day I met Keith and told them we were in love. They laughed, of course, but Liz came back to the show with me and witnessed it in person....and here we are months later about to get married. Crazy how things happen! :)

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liz oelker said...

yay! and yeah, I'm still so honored to have been a part of the beginning :) It is crazy how things happen, but man oh man was it perfect in your case! xoxo