Thursday, August 29, 2013

Worst. Company. Ever! Revolution Laboratories, LLC

After spending years in Customer Service, there's absolutely nothing I hate more than being treated poorly by a company. I especially hate when they try to trick you and then make you feel like it's your fault. Yesterday I had the disappointing experience of dealing with a horrible company by the name of Revolution Laboratories, LLC. I had ordered a "free trial offer" of some green coffee extract pills (to lose weight for the wedding) last week, but made a note to cancel in a week since after 30 days you have to pay $79.95. Ugh. When I called, I was told that I could cancel for the low, low cost of $30. Um, what now? Where did my free trial go? Apparently, the free trial is only for 14 days, but they sent me a month's worth of pills. If I didn't use them all, I could send them back, otherwise it's $30. WOW!!! What a racket!
So, I was already mad as a hen about that crap marketing racket when I noticed something about the bottle today when I went to send it back (because we all know I'm NOT paying to keep it). Um, does that look like Green Coffee Extract to you? Now, granted, I probably should've noticed that when it arrived, but I'm busy and I didn't know what it looked like and I trusted they sent me the correct product. Duh. So when I sent them a picture of it today and asked if this was correct, they said no, I should return it. Um. Let me get this straight - not only did they try and rip me off for some crappy pills, but now I'm supposed to return the incorrect bottle THEY sent me at MY cost and then I won't even get the free supply I ordered? WOW. That's a great company there. JERKS!

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