Friday, February 8, 2013

Pinky's Fandance - Dennis Haskins

As a long ago fan of Saved by the Bell, I've always wanted to meet Mr. Belding Dennis Haskins. Although I do follow him on Twitter (don't judge me), I'd only seen him once before at the Hollywood Show. Sadly, he was charging like $30 for a picture and that's just a *wee* bit too much for Mr. Belding.
So, it was a banner day on Saturday when I happened to see Dennis crossing the street on Hollywood Blvd. at the same time I was leaving the LA Celebrity Show. Score! Dennis was SO nice. In fact, after I tweeted him a thank you and our picture (sorry it looks cut off below from the screenshot I took), he tweeted back , "Wow! Great pic!" So cool! Thanks, Dennis!

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