Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscar Recap

I actually really enjoyed the Oscars. Of course, I spent half of it debating whether or not it was worth it to get off the couch and try to find the parties, but still. Had I just decided I was staying home, I would've been much less stressed out. This photo disturbs me. Why is Martin being a walrus? Why is Catherine wearing the most unflattering mirrors on earth? So many questions.
J.Lo, sweetie, nice try, but we know you were flashing the world. My eyes were not deceiving me. You showed nip.
Funniest part of the show? Drinking to Scorsese's name. Loved it.
I found some pics of stars attending their very first Oscar awards. Here's Jodie Foster in a sweet little church dress. Um, did she not know it was a black tie event?
Anna Paquin won an Oscar while wearing this interesting ensemble. What? She won an Oscar? Sookie Stackhouse?Drew Barrymore is the cutest thing ever! Love it.
Angelina certainly wasn't showing any leg in this pose. Too bad she probably weighed more here than she does now.

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