Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy PINK Day!

As the reigning Ruler Over All Things Pink (which I may or may not have bestowed upon myself....), I feel it only right to start the day off with wishing you a very happy PINK day. Being the only holiday in which we celebrate the pinkness of things (way more than Easter, don't fight me on this), I feel it only right to reiterate that today is, in fact, PINK day and not anything to do with all that other love mumbo jumbo crap. My BFF sent me this super cute card the other day to celebrate how much we love pink...at least I'm guessing that's what it means by the word love on the card.
Also in the package? A CD of my true loves of my life, Duran Duran. Best. Gift. Ever. Of course, Duran Duran could only be topped by this sweet little card from my niece, Phoenix, (who is doing much better after the accident, thank goodness). Do you see what it says? Auntie - Best aunt ever. Wow, I've got way too many titles today: Ruler Over All Things Pink AND Best Aunt Ever. I'm quite fancy. :)

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