Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Best Choice

When I was making my Christmas card list the other day, it occured to me that I needed to be sure to include my friend Sharon who was the one responsible for Sammy coming into my life. But exactly how do you thank someone for such a wonderful gift? Sammy is, hands down, the best decision I've ever made and I'm thankful for him every day. His sweet little smile, his obstinate little ways, his snuggles. I just adore him. Last night my dad remarked that since I got Sammy I haven't been depressed. Was I depressed? OK, OK, I suppose I resemble that remark. But it's impossible to be depressed around this little guy - he's just got a way of making you smile even when you don't want to. Look at that face - how could anyone be sad around that?

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