Monday, October 30, 2023

Heartbreaking Loss

My heart is still heavy after hearing about Matthew Perry's death at the age of 54 this weekend. WAY TOO YOUNG! How devastating of a loss for his family and friends. 
I was lucky to meet Matthew a few times over the years - this was the better of the pictures. He was arriving for a Q&A for his show Go On and was in a great mood.

When Keith and I travel (which, as most people know, is A LOT), our comfort TV show in any city is Friends. It's a calming, welcome, and hysterical distraction from whatever level of exhaustion we happen to be feeling at the time. Perry's Chandler Bing is a big part of that. I

Before he hit big with Friends, I remember all the TV pilots Matthew was on because he always stood out to me. I enjoyed watching him and was glad when he finally found his big break. 

R.I.P. Matthew. You'll be missed.

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