Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Hollywood Show Fun

In the exact same way we spent the day we met six years ago, we spent our Saturday at the Hollywood Show (the only difference being that we met at a different autograph show in LA. Still, pretty much the same thing, though).
Thought this was a cute selfie to mark our Meetiversary!
One of the oddest (most interesting) things to happen to us right when we arrived was this random guy asking us for a selfie. He said, "Keith, Pinky, can I get a selfie with you?" Of course, but we'd never seen him before! Later that night he posted this on our FB page (which is how I have the pic).
We then ran into Keith's boss, Marianne, and her sister. They're a hoot!
This was our "album cover" pose - except Marianne forgot to turn her head. It almost works better that way! :)
Best merch ever?
These cuties are fans of Keith's and we often see them at this show. They're very sweet.
And this was probably our best encounter amidst a strange day - one where the parking lot was full and then we saw so many people on our way in that we didn't even make it inside the convention for at least an hour. Very weird day! But, Peter Greene was amazing - he's the one on the far right - and our dear friend Frankie - the one on the left - is always fun to chat with. I loved seeing Peter Greene fanboy over Adventures in Babysitting!

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