Thursday, November 15, 2018


When I walked outside last week, this is what I saw from our front lawn.
Initially I thought it was smoke from other fires, but then I saw the flume of smoke moving as thought it was really close.
That's when I realized a new fire had started incredibly close to us.
When I got to work, I could see the other side of the fire (I live very close to my work). 
Most of the morning was spent trying to determine if any evacuations would be going on.
Thankfully for us, by lunchtime the fire had subsided and this was all the smoke that could be seen. We are SOOOOO incredibly lucky!
Meanwhile, over in Malibu, the fires threatened to harm Keith's family's home and the place we were married.
These pictures are so harrowing and my heart breaks for all of the families who've lost their homes. So grateful to all the hardworking firemen for all of their diligent work. Thank you!

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