Friday, November 30, 2018

Black Angus for the WIN

Black Angus has always been a sad memory for me as I remember wanting to go there as a child (maybe for my tenth birthday?). My parents would always take me out to a different steakhouse for dinner (since it's my favorite food) and Black Angus was next on the list. I was so excited...I waited and waited...and then, before we even had the chance to go, it burned down in our town. NOOOOO!
Now, at some point, I think we were finally able to go years and years later, but it wasn't a memorable experience. This time we had a coupon and we came prepared. What a great experience! The garlic cheese toast alone was enough to make it the best meal ever. Seriously, their bread is HEAVEN.
You also get regular Sweet Molasses Bread which is also delish.
See how excited Keith was after his meal?? :) 
Cheesy selfie outside the restaurant.
The Cowboy Cookie dessert brought it all home. YUM!

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