Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Slight Interruption in Anniversary Fun

So, while we were always going to have a brief moment of being between hotels on Friday (since we were staying in Pismo from Wednesday through Friday and then Cambria from Friday through Sunday), we ended up veering from our path a bit after I learned that my friend Bryan's dad passed away and his Celebration of Life would be happening in the area that day.
Technically, it was in the opposite direction of where we were, but it was only an hour away. Totally worth it. On our way, we made sure to stop and have some of the best burgers around.
Here's Keith's "I'm about to eat an awesome burger" face. :) 
Despite the somber circumstances, it was really nice to see Bry and to introduce him to Keith.
Plus, I loved meeting his beautiful wife, Claudine!

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