Friday, November 10, 2017

Glow Screening & Panel

We had a great time at the GLOW screening and panel the other night. Well, actually, great is an exaggeration because the night was nothing but drama. Still, as GLOW is one of our favorite new shows, I was stoked to be there!
After some line drama, we got into the reception and was able to pose with the cool neon sign.
 The reception itself was kinda meh, but they did have these cute cookies!
Plus we got this cute selfie.
As we waited for the panel to begin, we were accosted by the most horrendous woman I've ever encountered. Seriously, she needs to be put down. She is a miserable human being. I won't bore you with the details, but suffice it to say that it took all of our restraint not to deck her.
After the screening there was a lively Q&A with seven cast members. This was my attempt at a shot with all of them. Ha!
My girl Britney wore these amazing shoes from Kate Spade. I AM OBSESSED with them.
Speaking of my girl Britney, here she is with Keith! One of her fave movies was Adventures in Babysitting, so she was super excited to meet him (and vice versa).  
On our way out, we found some pink rails like they used in the show. I am the Pinkonator!
Love this!

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