Friday, November 3, 2017

Montello Tasting Room

While we were hunting for scarecrows in Cambria, we came across the neatest little tasting room on the main little stretch of stores. 
It said free tasting, so we figured why not? Oh, my goodness! What a find!
First of all, I'm a sucker for all things blueberry. This blueberry balsamic vinegar is like nothing you've ever experienced. It is a DELIGHT. I loved it.
This was the cool set-up.
Another new favorite? The butter flavored olive oil. SO. SO. GOOD. Of course we went home with a bottle of each.
Oh, and fun fact: Brad Pitt is also apparently a fan of the place as evidenced by this picture I found online (sadly, he wasn't there when we were....maybe next time??).

To see what this delicious experience is like, visit them in person or check them out online: You can thank me later for the tip. :)

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