Friday, July 7, 2017

Anatomy of a Selfie

Lest you think that getting pictures with celebrities is easy, let me assure you that sometimes it's anything but. Case in point? Our recently added Vincent D'Onofrio photo.
Not only were there a million people there trying for autographs, but we also had this big gate to deal with. This was a tester shot when he first came over to the gate. Vincent started on the far end and made his way down.
This is a view of the chaos while waiting for Vincent to make his way to us.
Another view.
Finally, he was in front of us, but apparently the graphers didn't want to let us get our picture.
I do love that Matthew Modine is showing up in the background though. On a bonus note, Keith was able to have a little moment with Vincent where he told him they worked together and Vincent looked him in the eye and said, "Nice to see you again." Very classy and cool!
I love how Vincent  was really trying to pose with us, but those stupid graphers just weren't helping.
Also, it was hard to turn around in the chaos, hence my slow incline into the shot.
This one might be our fave shot.
Another try! Almost clear!
Now, what you can't see is that I was being totally crushed from behind with everyone pushing me into the fence. The guy behind me was pressing against me so hard he may have gotten me pregnant.
Battle wounds to prove the chaos! Totally worth it, though! Thanks, Vincent!

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